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Fredericksburg, Virginia is where it all comes together. It’s ten square miles packed with adventure, landmarks, leisure, restaurants, arts and music like nowhere else. The City is littered with history, from the Revolutionary War to the American Civil War and Civil Rights movement, in addition to a few more recent memories. And it’s not just hype; the area has been among Virginia’s fastest growing for five consecutive years. 

The City started 2022 by breaking off from the regional tourism and economic development presence to begin its own independent platform.


Project Details

Barclay Sims Company assists Visit Fredericksburg and the  Department of Economic Development and Tourism in a number of areas, including original content creation, social media management, live streaming and public relations.

2022 will begin with relaunching the new Visit FXBG brand across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the new TikTok account.

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