Bloomia knows something about bright, fresh colors. They wanted product photography and graphic design that matched the vibrance of their tulips.


Project Overview

Talk about tulip mania. Bloomia has been providing the world with beautiful tulips since 1940. Their four greenhouses around the world (Chile, South Africa, the Netherlands and King George County, Virginia) produce more than 70 million stems annually. Their vendors include Whole Foods, Publix and Wegman’s.

Project Details

Barclay Sims Company assists Fredericskburg Mainstreet on a project-by-project basis, most recently with A Downtown Affair To Go 2020 and a Small Business Saturday focus. 

A Downtown Affair To Go 2020 culminated with a video production of the event’s cocktails, dishes and sponsors. Barclay Sims Company consulted on production, setting and script in addition to filming, editing and producing the event.

The Small Business Saturday 2020 video reached 40K views with no paid promotion.

Project Date

August 2020


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