Optix: Branding, Design and Public Relations

Optix are your opportunity to go beyond beginners and dive deep into a more meaningful and expansive creative strategy than sporadic screams and shouts for attention. Choose a custom touch and boutique experience in a profession that’s tripping over itself to cookie cut creativity and automate experiences. 

Optix is the introduction of a blue-collar work ethic to a white-collar industry, incorporating an on-the-job, over-the-shoulder approach that substitutes the usual shenanigans of salesmen and charlatans with an emphasis on authenticity, sincerity and originality. Where others are grateful to grab eyes and bend ears, Optix aim to go further to persuade opinions, change minds and influence behaviors. 


What Are Optix?

Optix are a Strategy-as-a-Service and collection of creative services that afford small businesses and organizations the same polish and professionalism as their larger counterparts. It’s consistency, clarity and cohesiveness in every piece of communication for a clearer, crisper message and distinct experience.

Optix emphasize the purposeful positioning of your brand and its products, services, issues or messages in ways where they can cut through the typical chaos and usual clutter of paid ads and sponsored posts to the organic buzz and casual conversations about things that people actually care about.

It’s not forcing a manufactured image upon the public, but instead capturing and sharing your true identity, real stories and earned achievements with those that share the same values. This authentic, sincere connection with an audience is the first step to establishing convincing creative momentum and unbreakable bonds of brand loyalty.


A Complete Collection of Creative Services

Branding. Design. Marketing. Public relations.

Break out from the basics of brand awareness and start turning the average browser into a true believer. Below are just some of the areas of communication where Barclay Sims Company can produce quality, lasting results.


Go beyond the basics of your logo and business card by actually building a perception and premium around your value and experience.

Graphic Design

Clean, clutter-free and detail-oriented design can makes a real difference in effectively conveying a message to the desired audience.

Web Development

Generate business and build customer loyalty with a vibrant website that’s easy to navigate and developed with a “mobile-first” mentality.

Content Creation

Content has changed the way society communicates. Original, authentic content is one way to catch eyes and stop thumbs.

SEO Management

Reach interested parties actively looking for your product or service by ensuring placement at the top of search engine results.

Social Media

Connect and communicate with customers as organically and naturally in their feed like an extended member of their family.

Live Streaming

Break down barriers and burst through bubbles by entertaining, educating and engaging followers in real time with live broadcasts.

Photo & Video

Quality, quantity and consistency for everything from headshots and products to announcements and interviews.

Public Relations

Guidance and direction with how to navigate the increasingly inner-connected relationships with the modern consumer.

Email Marketing

Find new subscribers to advertise sales, promote events or announce news and updates with an email marketing campaign.

Vlog & Podcasts

Demonstrate to your audience what you know or what you can do with an emphasis on providing a personal touch or outlook.

Issue Advocacy

Grow support for political campaigns or positions with a comprehensive campaign to reach a wide audience across a variety of mediums.

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Digital Marketing and Design Work

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About The Process

Simple. Straight forward. Results-oriented. Get a glimpse of what it’s like to have Optix working on behalf of your business, organization or campaign.

Every Brand Has A Backstory

A deep-dive debriefing establishes a relevant and detailed backstory, campaign objectives and important anniversaries and milestones.

A Complete Collaboration Process

Collaborate with an online social media calendar and content library to track upcoming hashtag focuses, special events and promotions.


Work with a blue collar creative that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty with an approach that’s just as committed to succeeding as you are.


What Optix Can Do For Your Business

Whether it’s bringing people in the door or encouraging them to the polls, Optix can produce meaningful, quality results that help your business or organization further its objectives and accomplish its goals.

Acquire New Customers

Reach and persuade more people seemingly overnight with a clear, consistent message across the platforms the people you want to reach frequent.

Promote Products and Services

Go beyond simply being “the best” and position your products and services in a manner that the market recognizes and responds to.

Build a Larger Audience

A consistent, vibrant and professional presence makes users more likely to follow for updates, allowing them to be reached again in the future.

Bring Attention To Achievements

Accomplishments are more meaningful with a little recognition. Ensure credit is given where credit is due and that hard work is rewarded.

Foster Support for a Position

Sometimes it’s about support, not selling. Build a coalition for a campaign, generate awareness or sway opinions on an important issue.

Find and Recruit New Talent

Lead the charge on growing the team by locating and recruiting top talent while keeping existing morale and enthusiasm high.

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