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The number of ways and opportunities for businesses to stand out online has never been greater before. But neither has the competition.


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To win a race, an engine must fire on all cylinders over and over and over again. Building a brand is no different. For each cylinder to fire, there are other parts of the engine that must come together at precise places and times. If one or more of your cylinders aren’t firing correctly or consistently, your brand isn’t going as fast as it could be.

Barclay Sims Company can help you make your marketing more meaningful, which means you’ll get more out of it.

Digital Marketing and Design Portfolio

Visit my Portfolio to take a look at some of Barclay Sims Company’s most recent digital marketing, design and public relations projects.

A man holds a sign critical of the Free Lance Star in downtown Fredericskburg.

Brand Identity

Brands aren’t born overnight. They are the products of long term investments and the consistent fulfillment of a promise. A brand’s identity isn’t only the visual language like typefaces, colors and logos, but also how it will be known, who it speaks to and what defines it’s “heart and soul.” To put more things simply, your brand’s identity is how people feel about it.

There are an infinite number of ways to introduce your brand and build its perception. Having a firm grasp of your brand’s identity will make that process easier to navigate and accomplish successfully. Branding isn’t slapping a logo on everything in sight. In actuality, its often about what you choose NOT to put your logo on that can makes the biggest difference in the long term.

Barclay Sims Company has experience with co-branding, personal branding, cause branding and tourism branding.

Areas of Focus

Customer Angle

Internal Angle

Competitor Angle

Brand Promise

Brand Positioning

Target Audience


Tone & Messaging

Brand Pitch

Brand Pillars


The gatekeepers are gone. See how Barclay Sims Company created Fredericksburg’s Original Social Media Company and how it’s disrupted legacy media.


Design makes a difference. From message recall to user experience, design impacts how almost everyone feels about your brand. Whether it’s a business card or online shop, design impacts how your brand will be perceived. From event flyers and online shops to product packaging and restaurant menus, great design can influence what people attend, purchase and order. 

Barclay Sims Company prioritizes clean, clutter-free, objective-based design and clear, calculated creative risks. Projects are never basic, bland, boring or too busy.

Areas of Focus

Logo Design

Website Design

Menu Design

Packaging Design

Billboard Design

Clothing Design

Print Design

we help good people do great things with their businessd.


Bloomia grows bright, vibrant tulips. They came to Barclay Sims Company for product photography and graphic design that matched the stems in their greenhouses.

Digital Marketing

A lot of companies can “manage” your social media. But only a few can create it entirely from scratch.

Original content is the fuel behind social media fire. Good luck selling certain products and services without it. Original content is why people follow your page in the first place…to see what your business is doing, who it’s doing it for, and how it’s being done. It’s also the most effective way to stand apart online.

Successful digital marketing is more than great content, however. It’s also consistently delivering it at the right time, the right platform and in the right manner so as to generate the best possible response. It takes experience, good judgment, attention-to-detail and preparation to deliver quality results.

Areas of Focus

Original Content Creation

Email / Text Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

Paid Ad Campaigns

we help good people do great things with their business.

Fredericksburg EDT

Marketing for a business is one thing. Advertising an entire region is something entirely different. Check out my work for the Fredericksburg Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

Public Relations

Digital marketing agencies and news publications are looking for the same thing; engagement. In fact, there are outlets and organizations that are looking to feature stories and events from business owners just like you. The ability to identify that need and being in a position to provide them with that desired content has become invaluable.

Barclay Sims Company has worked with or has had content featured on the following publications, public figures, or organizations.

NBC 4 Washington, D.C.

Fredericksburg Police

Senator Mark Warner

University of Mary Washington

Senator Amanda Chase

Fredericksburg EDT


ABC 7 Washington, D.C.

Fredericksburg Mainstreet

The Washington Post

VA Foodie

Italian Station

How does one small coffee shop get so much attention? It all begins with being themselves on social media.


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