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About My Company

Before there was a Barclay Sims Company, there was just me. My name is John Sims. I’m a self-taught creative born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A piddly career that started cold-calling and doing door-to-door sales has since traversed graphic design, website design, digital marketing, social media, content creation, video production, live streaming, political campaigns and public relations. 

But I’m not one of those spaces cases with their head stuck in the clouds, or some “whatever you say, boss” bobblehead. I don’t hold up the people I work for as trophies. I refuse to use the word “client.” And you won’t find me at the booze and schmooze events in a suit and tie, spamming selfies and tagging everyone in town.

Instead, I just smile, shut up and execute. Consistently, quickly and competently.

EST. 2022

About My Company

Barclay Sims Company is a small, from-scratch creative kitchen. It merges the ability to leverage contemporary trends and mediums with a traditional focus on execution and attention-to-detail. 

Businesses and organizations choose Barclay Sims Company when they’re ready to graduate from the generic, obvious oversells, deep discounts and other desperate grasps for attention that bump short term gains at the expense of long term brand equity. And that’s because of my proven history in producing meaningful, measurable results.

As the industry evolves, Fredericksburg grows and Barclay Sims Company expands, the dedication to quality results and commitment to the constant pursuit of excellence will continue to remain the same as long as the name does.


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To help good people do great things with their business, organization or campaign.


Barclay Sims Company values consistency, quality, sincerity, authenticity and originality.

Business is done decisively, and always with honesty and integrity.

Results must be meaningful, meticulous and memorable.


Providing an efficient, effective and dependable strategy-as-a-service that delivers dependable, unparalleled results.

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