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Digital Marketing and Design Work

Everyday I get to do what I love for who I believe in, taking on creative challenges ranging from putting butts in seats at a local coffee shop to pinning the City of Fredericksburg on the social media map. 

Check out some of my branding, marketing, design and public relations work.

Soup & Taco

Italian Station

Visit FXBG

Black History Month commemoration in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Upcoming Events

Digital marketing isn’t just sitting behind a desk all day. Find me attending or working on these upcoming local events around the City of Fredericksburg.


Black History Month Begins


Stop Light Party at Billiken's Smokehouse


Snowball Fight Melee


St. Patrick's Day Bash at Billiken's Smokehouse


Nerf Mania 2.0


Historic Garden Week in Virginia

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Videos & Livestreams

Watch some of the recent projects, all of which were scripted, shot, produced and edited in-house at Barclay Sims Company.


Optix: Branding, Marketing and Public Relations

Barclay Sims Company helps businesses and organizations accomplish their goals with Optix.

Optix is an all-inclusive collection of creative services, including branding, design, digital marketing and public relations, packaged together into a simple, straight-forward offering with a streamlined creative process at a fixed, predictable cost.

Brand Identity

Go beyond a logo and business card of competitors by establishing a distinct position in the market that stands apart and conveys desirable values, qualities and experiences.


Strike a meaningful first impression while setting a uniform standard of communication with a distinct aesthetic and that promises to never be bland or boring.


Turn browsers into believers. There are tons of ways to connect with new customers. Consistency is as key as clear, crisp messaging and original, authentic content.

Public Relations

Help with what to say, how to say it. Leverage the relationships and resources available to you to let the public know what you stand for and value.

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Original, Authentic Content

Discover the difference that original, authentic content can make for your business or organization.

The Barclay Sims Company Logo

A Creative-Owned Company

There are more than a dozen “marketing” companies scattered across downtown Fredericksburg, alone.

 Some do social media, others work on logos and business cards, a few focus on websites and one or two just manage everything in the middle. A couple might even dibble and dabble in one or two areas of focus.

Barclay Sims Company is the only one that does it all.

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