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Barclay Sims Company is Fredericksburg, Virginia’s most trusted name in digital marketing, design and public relations.

The Barclay Sims Company Logo
The Barclay Sims Company Logo
The Barclay Sims Company Logo
The Barclay Sims Company Logo
An image of a scarecrow during the fall in downtown Fredericksburg.
The Barclay Sims Company Logo

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We’ve all seen enough stock photos to last a lifetime. Photography is a big part of my content creation process. The ability to provide the right visual to whatever idea or message you’re trying to convey is invaluable, especially on social media.


Digital Marketing and Design Work

Barclay Sims Company is a results-based business in a competitive industry. Social media trends, fads and platforms seem to rise and fall overnight. What’s working at the moment won’t be effective next year.  Staying on top of or ahead of these changes is a full time job in and of itself. But from websites to search engines to social media platforms, the one remaining constant is the need for fresh, original, high-quality content to complete the message you’re trying to convey.

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Proven Success With Small Business

Barclay Sims Company has a tried and tested track record of helping small businesses stand apart online. Ready to get started?

The Barclay Sims Company Logo

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You may not know me or my company, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen my work somewhere online. My name is John Sims and I work for Barclay Sims Company, a marketing and public relations firm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. There are dozens of marketing businesses in the city, but none of them are quite like mine.


A Collection Of Creative Services

Barclay Sims Company is provides a broad range of branding, design, marketing and public relations services. The ability to bridge a single vision across a range of creative outputs and platforms means your brand reaches more people with a more meaningful, memorable message. Exactly what that vision is and how it’s delivered is and should be different for each business and organization. And that’s where I can help.

Brand Identity

Which kid at the school lunch table is your company? Don’t get sold short…building a brand is about a lot more than slapping your logo on everything in sight.


Substance is better with a little style. Clean, clutter-free design that doesn’t distract from the underlying message is the best way to gain a higher rate of recall and ensure a response.

Digital Marketing

Turn browsers into believers. It’s never been easier to connect with new customers or followers than ever before. And it starts with original, authentic content creation.

Public Relations

Public relations is the original social media. Leverage the relationships and resources available to you to let the public know what you stand for and what you value.

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